Our Mission is to protect the health and wealth of our clients

as we preserve the environment



We have achieved tremendous success in all its fields of service delivery because we embraced from the word go the use of appropriate technologies using professional and unmatched skilled manpower in all our areas of specialization.

We pride ourselves for having become the market leaders in the fields of fumigation and spraying, pests and disease control, cargo handling including loading and offloading, rebagging, general cleaning services specifically for warehouses and storage facilities, air drops of food and other relief items for humanitarian services and cargo transport and storage.

South Sudan and the entire East and Central Africa region are both grassland and a forestry precinct. Hence rodents and other flying, crawling insects are rampant and these are very good at destroying not only food but also other household, warehouse and office details. This is why Aniwe’s mode of operation is protracted in order to offer our clients total solutions to avoid wastage, damages, loses, diseases and destruction hence facilitating them to achieve their objectives in a timely and profitable manner.

With our headquarters in Juba South Sudan, and many operation bases across the East and Central Africa region, we are able to offer timely and quality services to UN organizations, corporate entities and homesteads much to the satisfaction of all we work for.

It’s our resolve as a Company to aim higher and offer the best to all our existing and new clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred, trusted and most reliable corporate, household, industrial and agricultural brand name in professional agronomical, logistical and Pest/damage control services in East and Central Africa.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to protect the health and wealth of our clients as we preserve the environment

Our Values






Customer Centric

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